Initiative 180 is a movement dedicated to bring awareness to the largest demographic in our culture – those whose lives are adversely affected by a past abortion.

Abortion seems like the answer.

A chance to turn back the clock. After the crisis is over, a quick sense of relief from social stigma may occur, but then reality sets in. Your life is never the same as you close yourself off from the rest of the world in silence and guilt.

Abortion touches everyone.

It is a polarizing issue whose legal and moral implications are debated endlessly both in public media and private conversation. But what happens after an abortion, to the mother and father whose lives have been altered by the decision and procedure? To the grandparents and siblings who have lost a part of their family? Over the last forty years, more than 57 million abortions have been performed in the United States alone, with over 1.7 billion worldwide. Those are large numbers to fathom, but it translates to 3,000 abortions everyday (just in America).

The bottom line.

There are a huge number of people who suffer from a myriad of symptoms of Post-Abortion Stress. Yet what happens after an abortion are virtually never discussed due to the societal stigma surrounding this subject.

Our Mission: to break through the stigma and tear down the walls of silence so millions can find the help they need and the peace they desire from past decisions.

Will you join us?

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Initiatiive 180 in the News

Initiative 180 and Peace After the Storm were featured in the August 2014 issue of ModelCall magazine.



We’re So Excited!!!

Initiative 180’s story of healing to the post-abortive community will be shared on Wednesday, November 30, on Point of View Radio Talk Show with guest host Debbie Georgatos. Point of View is a two-hour, issues-oriented live talk radio program heard daily nationwide. The Point of View team covers the full spectrum of issues and current events that affect our faith, family, government, education, and basic freedoms from a Christian perspective. Point of View’s loyal listening audience thrives on the daily interviews and interaction with informative guests including authors, politicians, opinion leaders, conservative activists, and subject matter experts. Christianity Today Magazine called Point of View America’s “most popular live Christian call-in show.” After more than four decades of being on the cutting edge of talk radio, Point of View has proven they are brave enough to take on the tough issues and experienced enough to handle them. We are excited about this opportunity to share Initiative 180’s story of healing to the post-abortive. Tune in at 2:00 p.m. (CST) tomorrow Point of View Radio Talk Show at (or at 10:00 p.m. CST on KTXG 90.5 FM). Tell your... read more

Healing the Wounds of Abortion

Since the ministry of Initiative 180 began, we focused our post-abortion healing primarily on women. With each group that passed through our doors, we witnessed literal physical and spiritual transformations. Recently, we began offering our post-abortion Bible study to couples, because we recognized that abortion hurts everyone. Many think that abortion is just a women’s issue. After counseling countless numbers of people in post-abortion healing, I can tell you that men undeniably suffer every bit as much as women. Abortion is not a women’s issue. It’s a human issue, with devastating consequences for men and women alike. Does the father have rights related to his unborn child? No, he doesn’t carry the unborn child, but he has contributed half of that baby’s DNA. At least three people (not to mention grandparents, siblings and ancestors) have a stake in a woman’s decision about “her body, her life.” If mothers are mothers from conception, then it stands to reason that fathers are fathers from conception as well. Unfortunately, since 1973 when the Roe v. Wade decision was handed down, a father’s rights with respect to his unborn child were stripped away. Our societal mantra proclaims that a father’s responsibility begins at birth, not from conception. Fast-forward 42 years later, and we’re a nation of the walking wounded: no one escapes the horror of abortion. What was once the perfect “solution” is now an agonizing hell. Abortion has become an equal opportunity killer … especially so in the black community. Men are born to be fathers—to be strong, honorable protectors and providers. It’s inherent for men to be defenders of the weakest... read more

The Future of Abortion in America

Excerpts from LifeNews November 13, 2016 The “dream” of pro-lifers has been an America where the scourge of abortion is no more. When the 45th President of the United States is sworn into office, a pro-life majority will be seated in the House and the Senate. The stalemate between the Party of Abortion and the Party of Life is now over, and things should begin to move toward life come January. Expect a number of legislative remedies to the national tragedy of abortion to emerge from the Congress and the White House. There could be roadblocks to the pro-life victory. The first is the Senate tradition of filibustering. Sixty votes are required under the current Senate rules to invoke “cloture” and bring legislation to a vote. So pro-lifers will need to keep pressure on potential holdouts throughout the legislative process. The second is the federal judiciary, including the Supreme Court. The current court is split viewing the law is merely a “social construct,” and that they can “reconstruct” it in almost any way they want. The list of potential justices, some 20 strong, has already been drawn up. Expect a nomination to come quickly. This will restore balance to the court, and ensure that the hundreds of pro-life laws that have been passed by state legislatures stay on the books. Laws mandating waiting periods, counseling, ultrasounds and, in the case of minors, parental consent have done a tremendous amount of good. What happens after that depends entirely upon the health of the Supreme Court justices. Sooner or later, another elderly justice—perhaps Ruth Bader Ginsburg or David Souter—will decide to... read more

A Big Surprise

I was telling some wonderful news about Initiative 180 with a friend the other day. Being a wise woman, she told me I should share this information on the blog. People need to hear the story of what God is doing in our ministry. Duh — now that was a lightning bolt! So here goes, the story of how God continues to work in and through us in this ministry by touching one person at a time, healing the hurts of a past abortion. I’m not going to tell you EVERYTHING that’s happening at Initiative 180 at once, but the biggest surprise for me and this ministry was when we learned our book, GO TELL IT!, had been nominated for a 2016 Christian Literary Award. Now that came out of the blue. The winners in nine categories will be announced on Friday, December 2, at an awards ceremony in the DFW Metroplex. This is a Red Carpet moment for sure. When we learned this, we felt like a child on Christmas morning racing to open the biggest present under the tree! In addition, GO TELL IT!, could win the Winner’s Choice Award in the Motivation Category. Anyone can vote until Midnight, November 15, at Friends, family, fans are all eligible to vote. It’s easy (and no lines)! Stay tuned as we update you on this big surprise and everything else God is doing in this... read more

Abortion Betrays Women

Excerpted in part from LifeNews article dated November 4, 2016 Sue Ellen Browder, an original feminist, once advocated for casual sex and abortion as a writer for the women’s magazine Cosmopolitan. But when she began reading and researching the history of feminism and abortion in America, Browder realized that these things are not empowering women at all. Instead, women and their families are being hurt. Browder now advocates against pro-abortion policies that “betray” women and their families. In a column this week, Browder wrote, “If [the Democratic candidate] were a true advocate for career women who are also mothers, she wouldn’t be so eager to eliminate our children (particularly the children of the poor) either through contraception or (when that fails) through abortion.” What’s being pushed is sexual revolution ideas from the 1960s, not women’s rights. Many feminists today, both young and old, are strongly opposed to abortion. Browder pointed out that prior to the late ’60s, many women in the feminist movement rejected the notion that women need to be allowed to abort their unborn babies to be free. Browder says, Of the eight political “rights” the National Organization for Women originally called for in the 1960s, right number eight (abortion on demand) is the only one American women are still fiercely divided over today. Far from being a legitimate and universal path to women’s freedom, the call for abortion was inserted into NOW’s “Bill of Rights” on November 18, 1967, by a handful of radicals (through a vote of only 57 to 14). One-third of the ardent feminists in that meeting angrily walked out and later resigned... read more

The Pro-Life Generation

This weekend I was fortunate to be a part of a Students for Life Regional Leadership Summit. A multitude of young millennials representing college campuses in the region were in attendance to learn how they can affect their respective campus and culture for life. I felt old and young at the same time. These young people “get it.” They realize that given a different set of circumstances it could have been them being aborted. Every day in this country 3,600 babies are lost to abortion. That’s one every 24 seconds. That’s a mother in a crisis who needs help and support. That’s a father who often doesn’t have a say in his child’s life. That’s grandparents, aunts and uncles who will lose a part of their family. There were many takeaways from yesterday’s summit. For me, it’s all about relationships. At every point in an abortion story there is death and on-going harm to individuals. It’s time to turn the culture of death in this country into a culture of life where every life is celebrated. This generation is doing just... read more




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