About Us

Initiative 180 believes in LIFE, from conception to transformation, as we bring hope and healing to millions whose lives have been altered from an abortion decision. We’re not a pregnancy resource center nor a church ministry. We’re a Texas non-profit charity headquartered in Dallas, Texas, that exists to raise awareness about those who have been left behind from an abortion in their past. We connect with individuals and organizations from every race, nationality, religious affiliation, economic level, and every locale (the list goes on …) in order to educate about the affects abortion has on all of us. It is true … what we don’t know does hurt us. Initiative 180 began with two women whose own lives were dramatically altered by abortion, then grew to others whose lives were also changed by abortion. But what started as a tragedy became a triumph when they each made their “180.” We aim to encourage a culture that reaches out and supports the walking wounded in our midst by learning about their struggles and banishing the secrecy surrounding the Post-Abortive. Read about our founder here. We invite you to take a stand for the silent sufferers from abortion and join us. Together we can change the world with truth and love.



Our Founder




Debby holds a BA in counseling from Dallas Baptist University. She is actively involved in her church, community and life advocacy. For the past 2 years Debby has facilitated post-abortion Bible studies in the Dallas area. She is a certified trainer with Life Impact Network. Debby is well aware of the pain and suffering that can engulf women for years following an abortion. Her personal story of recovery from post abortive trauma provides compassion, understanding, wisdom and courage to women on their healing journey. Debby’s blog The Second Mile can be followed at debbyefurd.com where she shares her perspectives on what really matters in life – a relationship with Jesus Christ and His Amazing Grace. Blessed with a beautiful singing voice and a powerful message on the speaker’s circuit; Debby continues to educate and encourage wherever doors lead or the airwaves take her. A wife of 25 years, mother and grandmother, Debby is a pillar of strength to her family. She and her husband reside in Texas.