How You Can Help

Make a 180 to…

Get involved.

Educate yourself to the truth of what happens after abortion.

Share Initiative 180 with 20 of your friends today.

Encourage your church or community to start their own Post-Abortion ministry.

Ask your pastor to offer hope and healing through a Post-Abortion ministry from the pulpit.

Invite a speaker to your church or organization.

Pray without ceasing.

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Consider Donating Some Money.

Initiative 180 exists through the passion and generosity of individuals who care deeply about our vision. If we are able to make a difference in the world, it will be because of people like you. So, please consider a tax-deductible financial contribution. Whether it’s $10 or $10,000, every contribution will help in getting the message of hope and healing to millions around the world. Together we can change the world for many hurting people. Your Money Goes Towards …

  • Research
  • Video Production
  • Developing Educational Resources
  • Sharing Stories of Triumph over Tragedy
  • Making a 180 Impact for Communities and Society

Initiative 180 is a Texas 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. To donate using a credit card, please fill out our secure form on the right.

Check Donations may be mailed to:

Initiative 180, PO Box 763100, Dallas TX 75376