How Your Secret Story Can Help Others

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One woman raised her hand to share her 40-year secret, something even her 46-year-old son doesn’t know. Another spoke up to say she feared that God would no longer love her. A third wept in the back of the room, quietly grieving for those around her.

They were among dozens gathered on a February evening in a Seattle church parlor to hear from the Rev. Susan Chorley.  The Boston-area pastor had come to talk about abortion — her abortion.

By speaking about a subject so many deem unspeakable, she’d empowered others to come forward. She says it’s always this way.

Rev. Chorley shares her gut-wrenching choice she never thought she’d have to make. She was a stressed-out new pastor with a 2-year-old son and a crumbling marriage when she had her abortion a dozen years ago.

Far more painful than the procedure, she says, was the isolation she felt afterward. A woman in the ministry who feared being cast out, she suffered in silence.

Not anymore.

Since June, Chorley has been visiting churches across the country to share her story. It’s part of a recent effort by a group she helped found years ago to support women and men after abortions.

This “pro-voice” philosophy that shuns the “pro-choice” and “pro-life” labels society foists on this hot-button issue is duplicated by multiple other post abortion ministries.  Offering a safe, non-judgmental place to share their hurts, women (and men) flock to the groups to find the comfort they seek.

The job of post-abortion ministries isn’t to decide whether or not the people they serve made the right or wrong decision, but to make sure that they get the unconditional love they need to move forward and have healthy lives.

Initiative 180 offers a safe place to share hurts in a non-judgmental setting.  Our program of recovery is Peace After the Storm.  Find your peace … contact us at


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