Abortion Recovery is Possible

Have you wondered if a past abortion has affected your life? Peace After the Storm, A Lifeline for Healing from Abortion, is an eight-week abortion recovery bible study and support group for those who have experienced the hurt of an abortion. Peace After the Storm walks participants through a confidential journey of recovery in an intimate, supportive group setting with others who are moving away from the bondage of past hurts towards freedom and healing.

Recovery Bible Study

No matter who you are, God does not want you “stuck” in the shame and secrecy of your past. Jesus wants you to fully experience the total love and forgiveness He has for you. Allow Him to start the healing and repair the broken places in your life. Abortion does not discriminate to whom it hurts, but fortunately neither does recovery. There is hope, healing and help available. Please join us for our next bible study.

The next group study will be Spring 2017.

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